5 Essential Steps to Build a Business Logo

Business Logo

A Logo is your ‘business fingerprint’. The logo of company is the first step in making your business standout in a crowd. It doesn’t only represent your store but also the company’s vision and mission. You can say logo as an image, yet it’s more than just a simple image. It’s an image that many visually associate with your business. Sometimes, people remember your brand with your business logo. So, keep that in mind how much important it is while thinking of the logo design.

Steps of Design Process for a Logo

Study Your Competition

Knowing your competition is an absolute must.  Look for what is out there. You will be amazed on what you can learn from analyzing your competitors. However, what may work for others doesn’t mean it will work for you. This is why research is important to differentiate your business from others in the industry.

Be creative
Online world is abundant of inspirational ideas. Search for successful businesses relevant to same field as yours, and get inspired by their logos. Never copy or steal it rather intentionally view it to get the mood from other people’s design and gather inspiration. Find at what they are in good at and could they have done any better to it. There are so many ways to gather inspiration from. You may look for what kind of logos are trending this year. Another obvious way, we recommend is looking at various free logo design templates. You can also browse a free online logo maker and download to get design ideas.

Establish Your ‘Why’

It’s not a trial, it’s a business. Getting started in any kind of business requires you to decide what the key aspects of your business are and what kind of logo you want to represent it. It is one of the things many would fail to understand. Yet, you have to keep in mind that the tone, mission, vision of company should really depict in your logo design.

Brainstorm Your Ideas
It’s about time to be a creator and use your talent to express your ideas. Draw mind map and sketch out few logos with help of pen using keywords, circles, lines, and ideas that you associate with brand’s logo.

Gather Feedback

Since it is important to know what others will think of your logo. Next step is to collect feedback from reliable sources who can give you honest reviews.


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