3 Amazing Logo Designs That Will Make Your Customers Go Weird

Amazing Logo Designs

When thinking of developing a business logo, all that comes to your mind are fonts, color, and icons.  You are aware that a good logo must involve the three elements. However, how you combine them is what determines whether your logo will be unique or not. In a word, your logo design is the key to the customer perception on your logo.

In this essence, every logo designing process follows a particular consequence. Regardless of the color, icon, or font mix up, your logo can be aligned with a specific design. However, which one? Here are three logo designs that you can use to create a killer logo:

Vintage design

For some entrepreneurs, old is gold. If you follow under this category, the Vintage design is a good match for you. The design bases its combination on classical and contemporary. Since it involves simplicity, it only has limited decorations. This logo design fits well with businesses that concentrate on historical information.

So, if you are looking on to develop a page about museums or other historic sites, Vintage can be a good idea. Nevertheless, the design is not suitable for any person with a goal of creating a logo for a business dealing with the trend and current products. Do you think customers can visit your site that has a museum appearance?

Minimalist logo design

The purpose of your logo is to ensure a secure connection between your brands and the message you pass across. As such, you must be conscious when combining the basic elements in the logo maker. Minimalist logo design emphasizes the use of meaningful elements. This aspect ensures the logo tally with your business without any exaggeration.

Hence, a case of over decorations is discouraged to ensure the logo made is a long-lasting one and continues attracting customers. Thus, if your purpose is to establish a solid image of your business, minimalist logo design needs to be your first choice.

The play design

Is your goal to establish an event management organization or business to enable people to have a feeling of fun? Maybe you want to have a site where visitors can play some fun games. If this is your idea, you need a logo design that will communicate the same information. The play design is a good idea in this case. The design involves the use of colors and eye-catching attributes. With it, your customers will have a sense of fun. However, this design is not suitable for formal business logos.

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